Get enough cash for your POS business

Get up to ₦3m to grow your POS business. 5 minutes fromapplication to payout.

Moni - Easy, fast, funding for your businessNo excuses.

Moni - Easy, fast, funding for your businessMake more money.

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Get quick loans to grow your POS business.

Grow your mobile money agent business

We know your everyday struggle to adequately meet customer demands for withdrawals or deposits due to lack of cash on hand and/or e-float liquidity. Say no more; we got you.

Moni offers affordable e-float loans to mobile money agents, enabling them to serve more customers, increase their revenue and keep their businesses running.

Easy, fast funding for your business

We're able to offer you great rates by cutting out the bank and allowing you to borrow at a fair rate. Receive your funding within 5 minutes of accepting an offer. No excuses


Flexible loan tenures.


Competitive rates.


No guarantor or paperwork required.


No hidden fees or collateral required.


Extra income for every referral.

Four steps to start making more money

Get the app on both the apple app store and google play store

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Download the Moni app

Fill out your details in less than a minute and create your account for a quick review


Apply for your e-float loan or cash

Complete the application form and verify your identity


Check your loan eligibility

See the amount of loan you are eligible to borrow in seconds


Receive your e-float loan in 5 minutes

E-float loans are deposited to your mobile money account

Moni - Get a loan in under 5minutes.

Empower your agents to achieve more

Moni to make business loans affordable and accessible to mobile agents. When your agents make more money, you grow your revenue.


Partner with us to ensure your agents have an adequate float of e-money and cash available at all times to help solve liquidity issues while you generate more revenue.

Moni benefits - earn extra income

Extra income

On successful loan disbursement, earn extra income from admin charges.

Moni benefits - drive transaction volume

Drive transaction volume

We enable you and your agents to generate more transaction revenue from customer activities

Moni benefits - get fast, fair and flexible loans

Fast, fair and flexible loans

Fast, fair and flexible loans We offer a competitive interest rate based on a Risk-Based Pricing Model. Less than 5 minutes from application to payout.

Moni benefits - Enhance reach and reliability

Enhance reach and reliability

Increase your agents and customers loyalty to drive lifetime value. With Moni, your agents will never run out of cash.

Access to working capital for mobile agents at all times

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Frequently asked questions

Our customers frequently ask these questions about our services and offerings.

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